The deadline to submit a grant proposal is December 31st. 

Five-page maximum (single-sided using a 12-point font). The project budget is included in the page count. Pages must be numbered. 

Respond to questions in the same order as presented, following a “question and answer” format.

Submit completed grant cover sheet, grant proposal and supplemental materials, using online submission directions below. 

Supplemental materials are in addition to proposal and include: 

  • IRS determination letter verifying tax-exempt status (if not previously submitted)

  • Organizational background information (year founded, purpose, current programs, and accomplishments)

  • Board list and percentage making a financial contribution, if less than 100% participation, please explain

  • Current operating budget and major sources of funding for the fiscal year (provide in percentages; must add up to 100%)

  • Annual report or other relevant marketing materials

  • Research supporting program implementation

Questions should be directed to:

Patricia O’Brien: 440-366-4885 or
Melanie Wilson: 440-366-4884 or

How to Submit a Completed Grant Proposal:

  1. Create a .pdf file (Proposal 2024_Your Organizations Full Name) that includes the cover sheet, proposal, and project budget

  2. Create a .pdf file (Supplemental Materials 2024_Your Organizations Full Name) that includes all supplemental materials

  3. Email both .pdf files to  -- The subject line of the email should read: Proposal 2024 Your Organization’s Full Name

Please contact Melanie Wilson by telephone if you have any difficulty or are unable to submit a grant proposal by email.

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